Examination of Problem Solving Skills of Volleyball Trainers

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This study was carried out in order to determine how the problem solving skills of volleyball trainers are shaped based on several variables. In line with this purpose; 136 volleyball trainers, whose average of age is 24,52 ± 3,35, were included in the scope in 7 provinces which are Kahramanmaraş, Adana, Osmaniye, Mersin, Hatay, Gaziantep and Kayseri. The trainers were informed of the content of the study and those, who want to participate as volunteers, were included in the research group.

Problem solving inventory, developed by Heppner and Petersen (1982) and validity and reliability of which were made by aylan (1990), Şahin, Şahin and Heppner (1993) and Çam (1995), was used in the study.  Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficient was found as 0.83 in this study, and analyses were made through the total point. Dual comparisons (independent sample) belonging to the independent variables obtained from problem solving inventory were analysed via t-test, while multiple comparisons were analysed by unidirectional variance analysis (ANOVA) for the data showing normal distribution, and by non-parametric test Kruscal Wallis H test for the data not showing normal distribution. Statistical meaningfulness degree was accepted as alpha (α) while level of error was accepted as p<0.05.

Pursuant to the findings obtained from the study data; problem solving skills of volleyball trainers show differences based on the variables taken into consideration. According to the results of the study; it was determined that problem solving skills of volleyball trainers do not statistically constitute meaningful differences as per the sex variable, however that there are statistically meaningful differences among the trainers included in study group, in terms variables such as their education status, participation in competitions as athletes, years of coaching, coaching level, attitudes of mother and father.  In addition to the qualities and skills of athletes, trainers are also significant factors in sportive successes. The trainers should be ready to answer the personal and individual needs.


Key Words: Problem solving skills, Trainer, Volleyball

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